Beyuna Probiotics

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Beyuna Probiotics is a broad spectrum multispecies probiotic product, able to act on all three levels of the intestine, preventing disturbance on all three levels. Beyuna Probiotics use the technology of PROBIOACT. PROBIOACT boosts the effect of probiotics to optimize the result for the consumer. Application: general broad spectrum probiotics for intestinal health.

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Beyuna Probiotics is a probiotic product with multiple types of bacteria which is called “multispecies”. There are also Probiotics with a single bacterium which are called “monostrain”. Probiotics with multiple bacteria of the same species are called “multistrain”.

These products are based on PROBIOACT Technology. Read more about the PROBIOACT Technology under the tab ‘Quality’.

Contains: 60 grams


maize starch,
maize dextrin,
vegetable protein,
potassium chloride,
magnesium sulphate,
bacterial strains,
enzymes (amylases),
vanilla powder,
manganese sulphate,
Bacterial cultures
B.lactis W51, B.lactis W52, E.faecium W54,
L.acidophilus W22, L.paracasei W20,
L.plantarum W21, L.salivarius W24
Lc.lactis W19 (B.=Bifidobacterium;
Total probiotic bacterial count > 1.0 billion per gram
A daily dose contains > 3.0 billion probiotic bacteria
Allergens: none


In addition to the choice of the right bacterial strains, the condition of the bacteria and ease of use are of great importance. That is why Beyuna Probiotics contain the unique PROBIOACT® Technology. This innovative combination of ingredients improves the stability and survival of the bacteria in the stomach. It also means that Beyuna Probiotics can be stored at room temperature.

Features of the PROBIOACT® Technology: • Optimum condition of bacteria • Good passage of bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract • Use immediately after dissolving • Can be kept at room temperature (outside the refrigerator)


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