Hi, we’re Health Tribe

Health Tribe is a family run business providing healthy supplements for people who want to improve their lifestyle, their appearance and their overall health. You see, the problem is that most people think that they eat healthily. However, research shows that only 1.8% of people eat healthily. So, it is very likely that you fall in the 98.2% who does not. Staying young, fit and nourishing your body and mind is what you will achieve with a balanced diet and exercises. Health supplements can be a good addition too. We offer the help and support you need for your journey to a healthier life. If you wish to improve your health, look great and feel healthier, get in touch.

Maikel Deira

After earning his degree in Business Intelligence and Information Technology at the University of Amsterdam, Maikel worked in the IT industry for 25 years gaining experience in Oil, Banking and Financial industries. As a seasoned IT specialist, he is passionate about reorganising, automating and advancing IT organisations. Maikel is key when it comes to supporting and bringing people and businesses to a higher level. In addition to optimising and delivering IT projects he is also involved with Health Tribe and in collaboration with others aligning our strategy, business development, and marketing. Outside of the office, Maikel enjoys martial arts as a hobby, but his true love is American Football. Keeping up with all annual NFL and College season games, he is a true fan. He also loves cooking and baking fine Surinamese pastries which makes him the family man he is truly appreciated for. South American by birth, Maikel is proud to call Amsterdam his home.

Sandra Deira

Sandra is the Global Director of Health Tribe and loves helping people achieve their business goals, optimise their knowledge of general health and improve their healthy lifestyle. After completing her studies at the Waltham Forest College in London and earning her degree at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam, she has spent the past 30 years working in Recruitment, HR and Telecom industries gaining experiences in areas such as commercial sales, management, communication, and support roles. During this time she was working for big corporations, meaning her life never slowed down, and she felt that she was always in a rush. Even with a babysitter, a cleaning lady and all electronic equipment to make her life easier, it still felt like she did not have much time for her family. Eight years ago she decided to make a change and is now working with Healthy Lifestyle Products from Beyuna. Today, we are part of a succesful Dutch Tech Start up called Beyuna. Leading an award winning team and collaborating with entrepreneurs to build their international businesses through Beyuna is her primary job function. She is also key when it comes to aligning strategy, business development and marketing. Sandra enjoys spending time with family and friends, organising dinner parties to celebrate her monthly birthday, exploring other countries and cultures, working out in the gym and running. Being a mother of three adult children, who love to rely on her creative mind, she considers this to be her most important achievement in life. Having ancestors descended from one of the oldest indigenous Indians tribes in South America, Sandra has a strong appreciation and respect for nature. Moving to Amsterdam at an early age, she is proud to call Amsterdam her hometown. When she reveals her age as 55, most people are surprised. Sandra is lucky in many ways, but it is not just about luck. It is about making the decision to be healthy, and this is what we can do for you!

Here at Health Tribe, we believe your vibe attracts your tribe and that a healthy lifestyle starts with one simple choice to ask for help. Let us share our expertise with you so you can improve your health. We want to give you the tools and knowledge to have a healthier, happier lifestyle, and to even help start your own business. Contact us here!